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Mood boards are such an important tool when it comes to design, but so many times I ask myself, " WHAT MOOD?" What story am I trying to tell? I thought it would be fun to give you a little idea of the process for each new collection, since I am actually going through it RIGHT NOW!
I always attend the Spring/Summer Material Show held in NYC. The big one is in Italy but my budget doesn't call for that and for a smaller company like myself the one in NYC does the trick. This show is incredible it is where you see all the materials that each factory is working on and you get a real idea what the "trends" are.

I remembering going to my first show in Milan, Italy. I never in a million years thought there were so many options out there for shoes but there are. It really is truly incredible to see in person.
I typically go in there with no idea of what colors/material in mind. Once in a blue moon if I really do my research I will have something in mind that I need but it's much more fun to go in and get new and fresh ideas. Sometimes it really can be overwhelming. The good thing about Very Lovely Soles is it's a really small collection so I can't stray to far with materials and colors.
(Here's an image from last years mood board. I mean I can't give you this years and ruin the surprise)
Once the show is over, and I get back to the office I have tons and tons of materials all spread out. I will then spend countless of hours looking at all the Spring/Summer Runway Shows from ready to wear, thank goodness for the internet, I don't see myself getting invited to those anytime soon. I try to collect more information than needed and then weed through which ones don't fit. Not every color or trend is right for footwear. After all the research is done I start on my mood board. I think about the overall concept I am trying to go with as well as remember the key colors for the season. 
(Sneak Peak of what was happening on the Runway)
This Xmas I went to Colombia, part of my Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by this trip.  But, hey that can change based on anything really. As I pick my colors and material for each collection I am inspired by two things, Me and YOU. My mood is to create styles that you will want to wear and travel with. Naturally me, if I can't see myself wearing it how can I even try to sell it. I hope you enjoyed a little inside look of how it all starts and stay on the lookout for my upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection wonder if I will stick with the Colombia theme? Stay tuned.


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