Mother's Day, much like others, is what some may call a Hallmark holiday, in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, I won't disregard its significance.
Since becoming a mom myself, I've come to understand why my own mother often said, "Please don't get me anything." As you grow older, it seems you accumulate everything you need, and more people are inclined towards experiences rather than material gifts – at least, that's how I feel. Gift-giving can indeed be a challenge, but it's something I enjoy, particularly when I know the recipients well and can offer them something unique or unconventional.
This Mother's Day, I decided to ask my husband to book a trip to Florida so we could spend quality time with our moms together – that's our gift to them!
However, for my friends who are doing an amazing job in motherhood and some friends missing their own moms during this time, I wanted to give them a little something special this year. So, it only seemed fitting to gift them a pair of my favorite sandals along with this new seltzer and body oil from weareohho.
If you're looking for a unique idea this year we are both offering a special discount code if you place an order starting today 5.06.2024 until 05.12.2024.
For seltzer enter code: JILLKAY
For sandals enter code: MOMLOVE15
To those missing their mommas on this day "May the memories of your mom bring you solace and joy today."

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