My name is Vanessa L. Seide and I’m the founder of Very Lovely Soles. I run this company on my own, with the help of some very talented partners on the side who make sure my brand and my shoes are the very best available, but otherwise it’s just me!

I’m inspired by my family, many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves, including my sister who founded Daily Candy if you are old enough to remember when those daily email blasts were all that crowded your inbox (in a good way, of course!).

I learned about the footwear industry at Nine West Group, where I worked for over 13 years in sales, merchandising, and design. We took tons of trips to source materials and I really got to experience every facet of the industry on a large scale. In fact, that’s where I developed my manufacturing relationships in Italy that I still use today!

Well, when the economy shifted during the great recession, Nine West went through a lot of lay-offs and I was one of them. I took it as a sign. I had learned everything I needed from my upbringing, schooling and my many roles at Nine West. I knew my next step was to go out on my own.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been a “flats” kinda girl. I’m tall and I hate towering over everyone. I always find myself looking for the perfect flat. While traveling with an ex-boyfriend, I found the closest thing to that and suddenly I realized what I was meant to do.

Upon my return (and after thanking my now-ex-boyfriend for the incredible trip and inspiration) I put my idea into work. Using my initials, V.L.S. as inspiration, I formed Very Lovely Soles out of my apartment in Westchester, NY.

My Italian contacts were super supportive so I jumped on flight after flight and began developing a unique footbed that would make my flats more comfortable than others on the market, but invisible to the eye so they still looked contoured and chic. And the best part ? I work directly with my contacts to bring the absolute best price to YOU, my customers. My quality is equal to that of high-end brands, but my prices won’t break the bank.

Once I mastered the construction and pricing, I began sourcing beautiful, REAL leathers, patents, and snakeskins so I could insure my shoes molded to the wearer’s foot each and every time. Unbeknownst to most shoppers, many shoes are made out of faux leather because they are immediately soft, but then they don’t wear nearly as long. I wanted my shoes to last and look great season after season. 

My flats take a few wears to break in, but once they do, they are comfortable enough to wear every day. Once I had the silhouette and construction down, I began releasing limited edition collections in new, natural and beautiful materials and on-trend colors twice a year. My collections are seasonless and timeless, which is why they are categorized by collection number as opposed to season. 

I work on my own schedule based on when I discover the right materials that are worthy of my customers, and myself of course, and when I’m inspired through my travels. 

Every pair has a name that means something to me, too. Whether from my childhood or a person that has made an impact on me, there’s a story behind every pair. I think it’s important to share and I hope you find inspiration in these names, too! Maybe they remind you of your own past, present or future. 

Either way, Very Lovely Soles is all about the journey we are on together and about feeling great, and LOOKING great along the way. 

Effortlessly chic. Timeless. And always comfortable. Thanks for visiting, reading, and being a part of our world! 


Vanessa L. Seide