I intentionally started my collection with the Geneva Ballet Flat to serve as the versatile cornerstone of your wardrobe—suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and adaptable to any season. 
Although I did add a Sandal and am considering creating and refining one more additional style, my brand was never meant to be a full footwear collection. Very Lovely Soles will not flood the market with countless new designs every year. My thought process  revolves around offering a curated selection of enduring footwear, prioritizing quality materials and meticulous standards. Launching with a solitary model was a deliberate choice, meant to underscore my dedication to the "less is more" philosophy. This dedication stems from two primary reasons: Firstly, as an entrepreneur with limited funds, operating with limited production helps optimize resources. Secondly, I firmly believe that this approach contributes to building a more sustainable and positive future for all. I manufacture in limited quantities, actively avoiding the issues of overproduction and waste prevalent in the fashion industry.


Were you aware that the typical pair of shoes is designed to last only 8-10 months? This means that approximately 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills each year. While major 'lower price point brands' offer cost savings, the trade-off often involves more frequent purchases.  Consider this: how much are you truly saving in the long run?

Experience the difference for yourself—I recently received a customer reorder from an initial purchase made in 2019. It's now 2023, she had her Hudson Flats for over four years before ordering her replacement pair order. 

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