Happy New Year
As one year comes to a close and another begins, it's a time for reflection—a moment to ponder my growth, learning, and transformations in the current chapter, as well as an opportunity to envision the possibilities in the next. For me, the new year always signifies a fresh beginning, a clean slate, a chance to START FRESH! Since the inception of Very Lovely Soles and the debut of my inaugural shoe in 2015, my appreciation for you all has only deepened.
Reflecting on the past year, it was undoubtedly challenging. Juggling the responsibilities of caring for my daughter  (now 3) while managing a home-based business has proven to be even harder. 
Nevertheless, I still somehow manage to accomplish things by the end of each day! I'm eagerly anticipating what 2024 holds for me and Very Lovely Soles. My town has been a real contributing factor in the growth of my business this past year. The overwhelming support by some incredible women has just been so amazing. I launched a collaboration sandal with a high school friend (turned artist) which was a great seller and now I  will be going forward with other local artist to do a special style with them.
I ended the year in getting into some stores. My most recent store is at the Soulful Lounge located in Bedford, NY. This was so out of the box as it is not an actual shoe store but a reminder to me to always think outside of the box and take chances. 
Anticipating the future, I am excited to unveil what lies ahead—there's so much to embrace in the coming year. In the meantime, as the holiday season unfolds, I extend warm wishes to you. Thank you for being an integral part of my narrative.
How to support a smaller brand (it's not just about purchasing a shoe):  I do this on my own when it comes to marketing etc. You are a HUGE part of my growth/sales and so much more. Even if you never purchased a pair the simple fact you remain part of my journey means a lot and shows support.
Please every now and then if you could forward my emails to people you think might be interested in my flats that would be a great help to my organic growth. 
So with that, goodbye to 2023 all it taught us, and all it brought us- And cheers 2024 looking forward to this next chapter! Thank you for joining me on my journey.
Happy Happy New Year

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