Shoes ON or OFF
The GREAT debate! In many parts of the world it's customary to remove footwear before entering a residence. However, many of us here don't always abide by this rule. No matter what camp you fall into , here's what you should know about wearing shoes inside the house. 

1- It's not just about the dirt:

It's known that shoes can bring harmful chemicals and bacteria into your home, which can lead to illness. Also, depending on your footwear of choice, you may be damaging your floors. 

2-Shoeless isn't always safe:

I wouldn't highly recommend walking barefoot either. For example, you may come into closer contact with whatever is left behind by pets and shoe-wearing guest. Plus, when you're barefoot (or simply in socks), you're more likely to slip or be prone to injury.

3-Slippers solve both problems:

Invest in some supportive, comfortable footwear to exclusively wear inside your home. This way, you'll enjoy the benefits of both a cleaner home and a safer option for your feet. It's SALE season  so stock up on some of my favorite slippers & some cute FALL SHOES.

4: It's Party time:

Sometimes it's just too much especially when there are multiple guests coming and going if having an event. I've been to parties where the host will have a bin of slippers for guests and I've been to parties where they say it's okay (they will do a deep clean the next day!) Your call. If you stay at a hotel stock up on the complimentary slippers ;-)

 VLS Slipper Picks:

  1. I received these UGG slippers 10 years ago. I really think they are a great investment.
  2. These North Face  mules can do some overtime work for you.  What I really like about them is they are not slippers so you can wear them outside for "short" walks to the mailbox, quick errands etc and give them a nice wipe down for when you want to use them inside since they are very easy to clean.
  3. These Barefoot slippers are simply the most comfortable.


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