I used to travel a lot, but ever since I had my little one, it has become more challenging than I prefer. However, I've found a solution by seeking out nearby places that still give me a sense of escape. Instagram has become my go-to for discovering local boutique hotels, which help me plan solo or family trips. Recently, I had an amazing experience at Hotel Kinsley in Kingston, New York, and I'm thrilled I decided to book it!

Nestled just two hours away from the bustling city of NYC, Kingston is a picturesque town situated at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Bordered by the scenic Rondout Creek in the Hudson River Valley, it captivates visitors with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and a thriving art community. As the original capital city of New York, Kingston's heritage can be felt as you stroll through its charming streets.

Hotel Kinsley exceeded all my expectations! Everything about it was perfect - the friendly staff, comfortable rooms, inviting bar, delicious breakfast, and its convenient location. I initially visited with my daughter, and they made us feel incredibly welcome. Having dinner at the Restaurant Kinsley at 5:30 pm was a delightful experience. But when I returned with my friends for an adult-style getaway, it was even better! We had a blast, and I highly recommend trying the burger, either for yourself or sharing it as an appetizer with the group.

If you're in search of an unforgettable weekend getaway that combines history, arts, nature, and the alluring charm of Upstate New York, Kingston is the place to be. Your perfect weekend adventure awaits! 

First stop the hotel! We checked in and had a lovely cocktail at the bar, highly recommend the Big Pink if its still around.  


After enjoying cocktails, it was time to explore the offerings of this small yet vibrant town. With my Gold Metallic Sandals on, we ventured into a couple of spots that caught our attention that day!

First on the list was Rough Draft & Books 

The perfect place to experience the local vibe. I have a soft spot for bookstores that also serve coffee, wine, and beer, and this place didn't disappoint. It's a must-visit spot! If you happen to stay more than one night, be sure to check if they have a trivia night happening; a really fun activity.  Before leaving, we made a quick stop here for iced coffee to-go, a refreshing way to continue our exploration of the town.

Continuing our day, we indulged in a bit of shopping. The streets were lined with charming independent boutiques, which I'm a huge fan of – I always support local businesses! One standout was Hamilton & Adams. While it's primarily known as a men's shop, they've expanded to include a small yet impressive women's collection and a delightful array of gift items.

The streets are brimming with captivating vintage shops, and even though our schedule didn't allow for it, I'm determined to return and dedicate a day to exploring these vintage treasures! However, we did manage to make a stop at Oak 42. Established in 2015, Oak 42 was born out of necessity when Christen Drexler, an expat from NYC, returned to her hometown and recognized a distinct lack of modern and fashionable clothing options for women. Taking matters into her own hands, she launched her boutique, offering a curated selection of stylish and reasonably priced women's clothing and accessories.

I must confess that a single day is insufficient to truly experience all that Kingston has to offer – there's so much more to explore, and I'm eager to return! Fortunately, its proximity allows me to do just that.

After all the enriching explorations and delightful shopping, it's only fitting to wind down with a strong drink at the end of the day. Hotel Kinsley bar did the trick so we could stumble right back to our room! 

Hope you enjoyed and consider heading to Kingston, New York for the weekend for sure!  Stay at HOTEL KINSLEY ;-) 


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